I made Sausage Gravy and Biscuits for Dinner.... I must say they were scrumptious and comparable to my Aunt Wonda's Biscuits. And My Aunt Wonda makes some good biscuits. Some of my earliest memories are of her making biscuits on Sunday mornings, rolling out the dough and cutting them out, once those babies were done we would say grace dig into a giant plate of the warm flaky biscuits with some of her homemade strawberry jam! It was th life I tell ya!

Now all grown up i am making my own biscuits, still experimenting with different recipes.. the recipe i used tonight is from the cook book The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I LOVE this cook book, it's one of the only cookbooks that not only are the pictures pretty, all the recipes are easy to go by, and all the food turns out to die for!

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