Memorial Day Weekend

Was a crazy one!

Thursday nite I picked my Nephew up in Hickory, we drove through a HORRIBLE storm on the way back up the mountain, Willam kept staying i scared, i scared, so we prayed and kept singing hyms all the way home.

Friday i had to have brakes put on my car, stop to get a raffle gift to give away for my department at work, then on to my employee appreciation day picnic, that we were late for.

(William playing at our second visit to a park of the day! yes i spoil him, i can't help it, look at that face!!)

Satruday, laundry, laundry, laundry, while my nephew played Nintedo in his underware, i had to get my haircut, then go to shop for my other Nephew Attie's first birthday party stuff. made spghetti, and more cleaning to do!

(The Wii is the greatest invention for little boys with lots of energy!)

(Please exceuse the mess in the house, i'm working on it)

Sunday i got up early to start making party decorations and decorate, my Sister had the stomach flu and did not get to our house until almost 6:00 in the evening and the party was susposed to start at 3:00.

(I made this Happy Birthday Attie banner out of left over scrap book paper from the It's a boy banner i had made for his baby shower, and hot glued it to red ribbon)

 (I printed off these coloring pages from Sesame Streets website, William colored them for Attie, I glued them to cardstock, and we strung them up with left over twine and clothespins from Attie's baby shower, instant decoratins! and it got William involved in Atties party so he did not feel left out.)

 (The Birthday Boy!)

  (The backery evidentally thought Attie(Atticus)was a girl and wrote his name on his cake in pink)

 (I made these Sesame Street Characters out of clip art i found on the web and toilet paper tubes i was saving to make poppers out of for the 4th of July.)

 (Cookie Moster Garland i made out of clip art, cut out and hot glued to balloon ribbon)

Monday i went with my Cousin Brittany and new friend Roseanna to the Flea Market in Hillsville Virginia., which was one of the best days i have had in long time, i was so glad i went,  it was so nice to get away with the girls, i found some awesome stuff, an AWESOME Amelia Airheart cherry red luggage bag for $1.00, 9 vintage Christmas ornament for $2.00, and milk glass cake plate for $5.00, then Dinner at Cook Out.

( My AWESOME Amelia Airheart bag)

Now i am ready for a real vacation!


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