Missing My Mommy on Days Like Today

I work an hour away from where i live, so i just took the whole day off to work both of them in. Anytime i have any medical anything done, it makes me miss my mommy so much, she passed away in 2004, i am 24 years old, but, sometimes you just want your mommy! I first went to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist, and it reminded me of when i was small, and you got a good report, no cavities! you got a balloon and a polaroid picture and you got in the No Cavities Club, well i got a good report and it made me wish i could just call up my mom to tell her no cavities mom! so she could tell me how proud she was.

 Then i went on to my next appointment at the hospital, i had to have an ultrasound of my whole abdomen to try and find out what has been causing some stomach issues i have been having, again, i just wanted my Mommy there just to comfort me and tell me everything was going to be ok, i can remember being at the same hospital having almost the same procedure done and her waiting on me outside to calm my nerves. Just being at the hospital not very far away from the very room she went went to be with Jesus in, just made me so sad and i just had such an eerie feeling being there.

 Almost seven years have passed but on days like today i feel so sad and lonely, i just miss her so much, every year seems to get harder instead of easier. 

(My Mommy not long before she passed away in 2004. I still have her purse, with everything in it, I look through it when i want to remember her.)


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