Stephenie Meyer

......I really wish you would finish writing Midnight Sun, if you are not a Twilight Series fan, Midnight Sun is Edwards point of view of the first Twilight book, i actually think i like his point of view better than Bella's, it better describes his feelings, his deep love for Bella. It kind of go's back and fills in your imagination on all those i wonder questions from the Twillight book. What would be even more AWESOME is if she wrote a book through Edwards point of view for the whole series.

 Since it's been 3 years since i read the Twilight series i decided to get them out an re-read them, i am getting super excited for the next movie that comes out in November, and yes i will probably act like a silly teenager and by tickets to the midnight showing and eat dinner with my Twilight friends before hand (yes i am a huge dork) so we can chat and get giddy with anticipation about watching Bella and Edward's  wedding.

Someone leaked the rough draft manuscript of Midnight Sun, so Stephenie Meyer put the book on hold indefinatly, but you can still read the first 264 pages she has written at


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