My first attempt at re-upholstering

was not the greatest job, but i would consider it a successful one! I am quite proud of my new old stool. I picked it up and an antique store several years ago and just now got around to re-covering it. I loved how someone had taken an old beer crate added some wood for legs and covered it in what as fashionable at the time. Now i am the proud owner and proud to have it in our little home.



Mr. Jack approved!

On my way to town to pick up scrubbing pads to clean up some of my Mommy's old dishes i just happened to spot these beauties at a yard sale. Guess the price? he was asking $3.00 for the 2 seater, but it would not fit in my car, so for $5.00 bucks he delivered it to my house! and gave me the chair for $2.00! i can't wait to paint them and make some new cushions for them.

On my way back home from town i spotted this beauty at the same yard sale, for some reason i go the hint the lady did not want to sell it, but she said "well i will have to have $12.00 for it" i quickly said SOLD! luckily it fit in my car. She cleaned up real nice after i managed to take off about 4 different coverings that had been put on it over the years. I had purchased a metal one from the 1960's at Goodwill a few years back, its just sew heavy. I cannot wait to find a covering for this one!

The bottom layer still had the original paper covering from when it was new. It did not give a year but came from Sears, Roebuck and Co.! I am going to tape this to the bottom so it can stay with the ironing board.

I also picked up 3 milk glass cups, 3 milk glass vases, a beautiful old glass pie dish, and a beautiful glass relish dish with beautiful flowers in the glass. and all for under $9.00!

Granny says "so where is the stuff going to go?" my reply "I haven't quite figured that out yet" :)


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