She's a real beauty!

She would go PERFECT with the little farm i hope to live on one day.  For now i will keep on dreaming, but i hope she finds loving home that will take good care of this vintage beauty and treat her real nice.

In other news

I need to takle going thru my storage building, most of the stuff belonged to my Mommy and was stored at my Aunts house after she died. My Aunt moved this year and i had to rent a storage building. My life in ways stopped the day my Mommy died so it's very sad to go thru the stuff. Now i am ready, i need to sort out the keeps from the trash and Goodwill items to get rid of to make room for other stuff.

I love when i stumble upon something i thought was lost forever! today i found my Mommys beloved cake pan that was a big part of my childhood, i was so greatful to find this today! and recently i found one of my Mommys most treasured items, her Grandmothers cookbook, i think she would be so happy to know i too treasure the book and am keeping it safe!

I took today off work. Today was a great day to start of the weekend. I was able to get several projects i have been putting off for a long time almost completed! a love a good 3 day weekend!


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