Simple Holiday Wreath

Oh how i love holidays! and i make wreaths for well just about any specail occasion i can think of. My latest 4th of July wreath has turned out to be my favorite so far!

To make one you will need:
  • A wreath form
  • 4 rolls each of five different ribbons (depending on the width of the ribbon it could take more or less, i usally by more than i think i might need, just in case, so i advise to keep the receipt so you can take back to the store what you don't use up)
  • Scissors

To make your wreath make a sample bow to determine how long the strips of ribbon will need to be, generally you will cut all strips the same length, sometimes depending on the fabric the ribbons are made from this can vary, next start tying your ribbons on the wreath form, you will place them in order, for example: red, white, blue, gnigham, stars, then repeat red, white, blue,gingham, stars, you will repeat the process all around the wreath form

...then set back and admire your new wreath!


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