Back to School Fun Party 2011!

Last year we started the tradition of having my Nephew William a back to school party! this year's turned out great.

(I re-used some of the decorations i had made last year, i just hot glued flash cards to ribbon)

(I made several new one's this year out of letters i cut out of scrap book paper and hot glued to ribbon)

(I stayed up until 4:00 A.M. making that table cloth and still did not get the edges hemmed. I will add that to my do list for next year. And we had a lovely little dinner)

(I later realized i was in such a rush to get everything decorated i forgot the vintage books i was going to decorate with and i never could find a vintage Jump to the Head of the Class board game to play, but looking forward to making next years party even better)

(The Gifts. Our family get the list of what my Nephew needs for school and we all chip in and help out)

(William 2nd Grade!)

(Dad's belated Birthday Cake)

(William opening his packages)

(Attie found his gifts too!)

(More loot)

(Family photo)

Fall is my favorite time of the year, school starting back, the fall themed catalogs in the mail are always the first big reminders it's right around the corner!


I have a stash box of vintage baby things(no i am not married or expecting)i found this little back to school baby/toddler dress at Goodwill and  I had to have it to go in the stash box!


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