I admit i have an addiction......

to Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks that is! I can't quit buying them from Amazon. An origional priceed $16.95 cookbook for around $2.36! and i actually got several for $0.01 cent! i guess they get you with the $3.99 shipping, but still $4.00 compared to $16.95 is still a pretty good deal to me! they may have a  tiny imperfection, but i can live with that. The Gooseberry patch cookbooks have tried and true receipes, plus decorating tips, crafts, and i like the fact they are pretty much themed, like Autumn in the Country, they fit perfectly in our little country home.

I just ordered this one Our Favorite Halloween Receipes, i can't wait to get it to start planning my Halloween party in the fall!

You'll love their website too!


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