Candy Corn Wreath

Earlier this year i swiped  a Women's Day magazine out of a doctor's waiting room (it's the first time i have ever done that, wait no 2nd, the first was a 2 year old thanksgiving issue of Country Living, yes i feel shamed) but anyhoo i fell in love with this wreath on the cover and put in my i would like to make that project pile. Yesterday i decided to tackle it, it was quite simple!

Directions at Women's Day Magazine for making your very own wreath!

Directions for preserving your wreath (YOU WILL NEED TO READ BEFORE STARTING PROJECT!)


Have you ever seen powdered laundry soap come in a bag?? I hadn't until today, i bought it out of curiosity, and the cute retro packaging. When i got up the register the cashier said she used it all the time and really cuts the dirt, she actually said not to put in to much she had suds coming out of her washer one time!


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