My favorite nail polish...

is Butter London, i will admit it's pricey at $14.00 ($21.00+ if you have to order online, which i do because no local stores carry Butter London, yes its that great!) a bottle but totally worth it, their products contain NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP, and per their website NEVER have. One coat is all it takes which means the bottle will last forever, the polish itself lasts for a week or more with no chips and the colors are AMAZING!!!!! my two favorties are

British Racing Green
(A hunter green with just a hint of sparkle, it's an unexpected color and i feel so sophisticated wearing it)


 Come to Bed Red
(My ultimate favorite, go to color, almost always on my toes, the perfect shade of red, nuf said)

(Images from Butter London)


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