September 11th Anniversary

Before September 11, 2001, i can remember hearing my Grandmother and some of my older relatives talking about where they were the day Pearl Harbour was bombed or the day President Kennedy was killed. Never could i have imagined there would be such a terrible event in my lifetime that i myself could retail  where i was and what i was doing, but that terrible day came on September 11, 2001.

I was in Polly Jones English class in the 10th grade, I was 14  years old, almost 15. I can remember her leaving the room and coming back in to tell us that a plane had it tower 1 of the World Trade Center and they were still trying to figure out if it was an accident. Then i can remember them having TV's in the cafeteria and watching the re-plays and events unfold during that time.

A few weeks ago when i was cleaning out some boxes and found the newspapers i can remember having my mom take me to get them so i could pack them away to keep.

I thought at first of throwing them away, then i thought NO! i will keep to show my future Children and Grandchildren so even years from now when i re-tail where i was and what i was doing that day i can pull out those newspapers and tell them how proud i am and how proud they should be to be to live in the land of freedom of The United States of America!

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