I have learned that change is good....

Any kind of change used to just absolutely cripple me. For example, i sobbed for days after they replaced my Granny's couch (we have been through 2 since then and i have to say we have never had one as comfy or that held up like old brown).  I have discoverd change is good! I did the same things for 24 years! just because "it's always been that way" i wanted 25 to start out differently! I stepped out of my comfort zone this year, joined a new church (the best decision i ever made), just started doing things and looking at life differently, in many ways i let go of the  "what will be people think of me?" and have broke through to just being me!

Christmas this year was no exception.  On Friday i got my massage and my facial and stayed a few days at my friends house. I got some much needed rest and relaxation i did allot of lounging on the couch by the fireplace watching Netflix and reading magazines. I even checked something off my bucket list! ordering chinese food on Christmas day.  Fra ra ra ra ra!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed and very Merry Christmas!!


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