Just not feeling the holiday spirit this year......

To be honest this is the loneliest Christmas ever. I brought a tree home...it still has not one ornament hanging from it's green branches. The rest of the little house looks like Christmas threw up in here...thanks to the handy work or my three Aunts. I am starting to not feel at home here in the little house with Granny...she so graciously lets me live here with her...but it is her home and not my home. When i was telling my friend i was no feeling the Christmas spirit she said "maybe you grew up!" a relative once told me after my Mom passed away "you will probably never feel like you will have a home again until you have a home of your own" another relative "I make my own holiday traditions that has helped me"...I love, love, love the movie The Holiday, Iris and Amanda switch houses and basically lives for 2 weeks, they discover what they really want in life....My friend is going out of town and offered me to stay and her house while she is away....a sign from the universe maybe?....its only an hour from  the little house....I would not really call it skipping Christmas this year, just a little much needed mini vacation...i even booked a facial and a massage!....some much needed alone time, rest and relaxation!...a co-worker even said "her house looks just like Iris' little cottage in the movie The Holiday!!!!!!" maybe another sign from the universe??....I really did grow up this year and i think making new traditions and leaving old ones in the past is just what i needed...only time will tell.

Iris' cozy cottage in The Holiday


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