Grandmother's Coconut Cake.....

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is spending the day baking in the kitchen. I love scouring through my collection of vintage cookbooks looking for new things to make. I used to get so upset and felt like a complete failure when something did not turn out just perfect.  I quickly learned that baking is trial and error, you learn from your mistakes.

One of my complete failures was this past Easter. I had picked out what seemed like the pefect cocunt cake and frosting. What i did  not pay attention to was the cookbook the receipe came from was my Great Great Grandmothers and the receipes were most likely written for a wood cook stove. I did everything just like the directions said, secretly questioning the 3 tablespoons of baking powder and 4 eggs,  put my cake in to bake and started making Easter decorations.  Maybe 20 minutes later i hear Granny said smoke was boiling out of the oven, yea the baking powder did it's job, I could not keep the smoke alarm from going off even with every fan and window in the house open, the alarm system company, and fire department called, the alarm system company notified my Aunt they were sending fire trucks over! it was a very interesting day!

My sweet Granny encouraged me to try again ,this time i tried cupcakes minus some baking powder and eggs! and they turned out quite lovely!

It turned out to be quite a colorful Easter!


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