I'm a Clinique girl.............

(My vintage Belk hat box i store my hair accessories in and a Clinique bag with me new purchases inside!)

The Easter i turned 14 my Mom decided it was time to invest in me some good make-up. That year instead of an Easter Basket i got to go to the Clinique counter at Belk Department Store and get a little make over. I remember being so excited when i set in the tall white chair and the sales woman looked me over at my eye, hair, and skin color and brought over samples to see what colors i liked. I paid attention to every product she used, noticed the way she applied the products and asked loads of questions! I ended up with a brand spanking new set of make-up. I could not wait for Monday so i could wear my new make-up to school! I felt so pretty and confident that Monday! I will never forgot that Easter or my Mom's advice  to never buy cheap make-up! I still follow mom's advice! I love buying new make-up and trying new products, i still get the anticipation and excitment to wake up the next morning and try my new purchases! I have tried different brands over the years and i always seem to make it back to my go to Clinique. I love thinking that maybe one day i will have a daughter that i can continue the tradition with.

Post Edit: I will admit when it comes to blush, lipstick, eyeshadow i will branch out and try different brands. Three of my favorite lipsticks are from MAC, Revlon and Benefit. I tend to be allergic to alot of drugstore brands like Maybelline blush or eyeshadow.  I simply can't stand products that smell like i am putting perfume on my face. I find Este Lauder or Benefit foundation just too heavy/oily for my skin,  for foundation, councelor and powder Clinique is my go to. 

Another compalint that i have is i might be more apt to try Drugstore brand cosmetics if you could test them out first.


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