A little confession....

I really do LOVE Martha Stewart. I buy her  magazine, books, cook ware, craft supplies, and now her home office line at staples. I will even admit i have a few Holiday DVD's.  I was so bummed when K-mart quit selling her stuff.

I got alttitle carried away at Staples today and ended up with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to much stuff from her new Martha Stewart for Avery line. For some reason i almost feel giddy when i see her products, i think it's becuase her stuff always comes in my favorite colors; red, turquoise blue, with hints, of pale pink, bule, green, and yellow, that and my never ending quest to be organized. the same thing seems to happen when i hit the MS isle at Michael's and Macy's. I always seem to find her stuff on sale too! today i had a 40% off your highest priced item, the cashier also had one, and i found another by the front door, and the cashier actually let me use all 3! and all of her tags and labels are 25% off this week!

Martha's kind of like everybodys' Mom; you don't know the answer to something you can pretty much find it on her webiste,  book, magainze, or show!

I loved these chalk labels

I ended up with 2 of these  customizable binders

I am loving my new dry erase calendar i put on the fridge


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