Personal Revelation

My Granny so so upset at me today because we had company come to visit. I was just not feeling like company so i went to the park. I'm 25 and still living with Granny in the little house. I'm at the point in my life i am ready to get married and settle down. I long for the a beautiful family i read about on so many other blogs. I pray and pray and pray, but you can't rush the lords timing. Sometimes i think he is trying to teach me some much needed patience.

I had such a wonderful time today at the little Lansing park. I know this will sound strange but there is a particular blog that i read that i have printed out every single one of her posts since 2008, and i put them in a giant binder. I promise i am no stalker, but i love so many of her crafts and cooking ideas and i love catching up on all the things she does with her beautiful family.  I brought my binder and my Farm Chicks cook book with me to the park. Our little park is one of my favorite places on earth. There are little steps going down to big horse creek. The sun was shining the sky was a glorious shade of blue. I became so overwealmed with happiness i felt Heavenly Fathers presence so close today. Just the simple beautiful sound of the cold water running over the smooth rocks, birds chirping, sunshine, flowers was magical. I sat on a rock and put my feet in cool water and thumbed through my binder and book. I enjoyed watching walkers come and go to the walking trail side of the park and locals coming in and out of the grocery store.

In my church we belive in personal revalation. and i really feel that Heavenly Father was telling me stop and smell the roses today and enjoy my life as it is. I have always been a dreamer and i feel i am always dreaming of other more exciting places to live. I felt today that things will fall in place for me it just takes time, the lords time. I really do love our VERY small town. It's the small things in life that can bring the most happiness.

I love that our little Grocery store still writes out their weeks speicals in marker and butcher paper.
I love our very old stone church
I love that neighbors and other cars wave at you when you drive by
I love that the Hartsog's have lived in this area for over 100 years

I will try and post pics of my little town soon!


  1. I love your article Tonya, I can totally see myself happily sitting by a stream in the sunshine looking at an inspirational book full of ideas so that I could dream about colors and design. I also lived in a small town, but was lonely & couldn't find a partner. I decided to go on the internet dating sites to look for a mate and after a year Alan found me on the site. He was exactly what I wanted. I recommend you do this as time is marching on and the sooner you find the right guy the sooner you can start your family.
    I've been quilting ipad & cell phone covers for family and friends and my favorite part is sewing on African wildlife motives by hand on to the covers.
    I hand sewed an elephant on to my gran's little quilted phone pouch for her Tracfone SVC phone for seniors, with the bigger keys and letters on the screen so she won't have to wear specs when she wants to make a call.
    These animal motives make me dream of the romantic times in the African bush, especially sitting at a water hole at sunset watching the animals drink before they go and sleep.


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