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Happy Home Antiques!  i am starting small only with 6 listings, but i have quite a bit more stuff to add. Last night i listed a nice set of vintage Pyrex bowls, but in the excitement of listing my items i forgot to spell check and spelled bowl, bowel. I got a "nice" comment that i might want to watch my spelling! if you actually read my posts you have or will probably notice i am terrible with punctuation and grammar, sorry they have never been my strong point.

I feel i have been turning over a new leaf in my life lately. It has always been my dream to own a little antique shop. I have always hated junky antique shops and envisioned mine with cute displays set up to show off my goods, i would sell furniture and other items I re-purposed, and most of all i would love to some how incorporate maybe a little flower shop where we only used vintage vases, or maybe even have a little party planning business using my antique collection. I have allot of dreams and hopefully one day all or part will come true. but for now i will start small with my little etsy shop and my 6 listings :)

Happy Dreaming!

A few of my favorite listings:

A lovely set of 3 Pyrex BOWLS :)

A vintage pair of  two tone Ray-Ban Wayfarer II's

An old tin pumpkin candy mold

A Beautiful pair of ivory colored nylon gloves

Visit my little shop!


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