When i was little.......

(The Good Shepard currently hanging in my bedroom)
my favorite place in the world was my Granny's attic. My Granny was and still is the most idyllic Granny anyone could have. I never remember hearing "do not touch!!" at her house, nothing but a clock and a nativity set were out of bounds to play with. I  had such a vivid imagination as a child and the stuff in the attic only fed my imagination. There were 3 generations of prom dresses, clothes,  shoes, and jewerly to dress up in, dishes, books, furniture, record player, photos, craft supplies, decorations, everything to make a child magical. I could go anywere and be anybody i wanted to be in that attic. I think this is when/where my love for antiques began.

Sadly over the years the attic has slowly been cleaned out and there are very few reminants left.  I recently found this beautiful framed print up there. I brought it down and ask Granny if i could have it. She said "it's in such bad shape" my Aunt had actually placed this in a pile of things to be thrown out. I replied "it's perfect!" She told me she had picked this out in a furniture store in West Virginia soon after her and my Gramps had married and for years in used to hang in their living room. She said it was called the Good Shepard and anytime she was feeling down she would look at it and it would make her smile.

The Good Shepard is pricless to me in more was than one!


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