Gesso Crazy

I was really inspired by several projects that i saw on Kathleen's blog Musings of a French Cottage. When i found this frame at the Salvation Army on Friday i new exactly what i had in mind for it :)

 I painted the frame with several coats of dark gray paint i bought at Wal-Mart.

 Then i went over it with a coat of white Gesso (it can be found with the paint section at a craft store). I wiped back the Gesso as i painted the sections with a paper towel to my desired finish. Since it was my first project using Gesso i really took my time and played with it :)

The finished result. I was pleased with how well it turned out!

I got a bit carried away! when i was in Michael's buying the Gesso i found these sweet Cherubs but i thought they looked kind of cheap and thought maybe i could refinish them too!

 I felt bad painting the sweet cherubs with the gray paint.

The finished results were exactly what i was going for! Granny said "they look like they have been out in my garden"!

Last but not least i decided to paint the gold frame i made into a chalk board.

I was pleased with how it turned out too!

I have a book case i bought a Goodwill for $9.00 that is my next project i can't wait to start!


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