I am praying that......

everything will work out and i can start back to college this fall or in the spring. Although i will miss Granny and her little house, i am so looking forward to having a little space of my own. Luckily i love anything old, worn, beaten up, and chipped! good for decorating on a budget! I have slowly been accumulating finds from antique shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. Today my antique loving friend Cindy came back from lunch and said "you have to check out this yard sale i stopped by today! they said everything must go!! I went after work and did find the 3 items below for $5.00 and the ladies threw in the beautiful Good Shepard lithograph for free! they had some gorgeous art deco furniture, especially a curio cabinet, i would love to have to display my milk glas,s but sadly the furniture prices were way out of my price range.

My goal is to start painting and re-upholstering some existing furniture pieces i have in storage and start a check list of actual needs to pick up and things to do before. Beings that i will be 26 and going back to school is scary, there are so many more worries and logistics going back to school as an adult that i did not even give a second thought to the first time at 17.  What will i do for medical insurance? i will have to work, can i make it on just a part time job? Will i be able to even pay for school? just to name a few. I just have to leave it up to my Heavenly Father if it's his will for me things will work out and that gives me piece of mind.

I worry the most about being alone. I have to remember first i am never alone because Heavenly Father is with me and i am sure i will meet lots of great new people and friends.

 Any advice for going back to school as an adult?


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