New Beginnings

I am super grateful for the many wonderful friends and church family members that i have! you inspire and uplift me each and everyday! i love you all!

I love finding a new blog! my newest find is Musings from a French Cottage! Kathleen's blog has inspired some upcoming projects for me to work on :) and she has such a beautiful family. I spent all day last Saturday reading her posts from the beginning.

Some new finds from the Salvation Army yeasterday. I plan to paint the frame using this technique from Kathleen's blog and i found a few more peices of milk glass :)


Last nite me and my friend Laurie went to see Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter-we loved it! and tonight we are going to dinner and watching my Aunt Edie perfom in Oliver at the Ashe County Little Theatre. And i have some big news! i think i found a room for rent in Boone for $250.00 a month! which is a whole lot cheaper than the gas i having been paying to drive back and forth. I am pryaing that it continues to work out so i can pay off some bills and save up some money for school. For the longest time i have felt like i was not really living just existing and for the first time i feel like things are coming together for me.


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