Milk Glass

My pieces overflow! My Milk Glass is my favorite collection i have. Prices for it in antique shops i have noticed keep going up because it keeps getting more popular. I was looking for pieces in a little antique shop in Jefferson and the proprietor lady told me a lady doing a spread in Martha Stewart (yes the Martha Stewart) had bought up every piece she had! I still find beautiful pieces, mostly vases, lamps and candy dishes, on the cheap at thrift stores and yard sales, every know and then i might get lucky find a mixing bowl or cake stand at one. I have noticed larger pieces like mixing bowls or the cake stands were either not as mass produced or more likely used and easier broken. My continued hunt is to find a complete table setting or a mint condition punch bowl.

I like the fact that you can use milk glass for any occasion or holiday, you can dress it up or down and it always looks so elegant. I like picking out pieces for a grouping for candy at parties, dressing up the dinner table, flowers, i even have a few pieces at work to use for pencil holders and essential desk items.The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hunting!
A few of my favorite vases on top of the TV cabinet.


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