The challenges of moving on.....

It's a sad day when you would rather be at work then home.  I love my Granny dearly, but the time has come that i need to move on and move out of the house.

The problem with moving out is that i have not been able to find anything affordable in Boone or i will say more affordable places have year long leases or almost the same 1 hour commute i already have. I thought i had found a room for rent with my friends neighbor, but so far i have not heard anything back from the lady.

The good news is that i was accepted to Belmont Abbey College, the downside to this is i heard back from my FAFSA and i am not eligible for any federal grant/loans. I contacted the financial aid lady but she will not be back until tomorrow so i can talk to her about other options i might can apply for.

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. I think things are going great,  i think i have finally caught a break, then POW! i am thrown back 10 steps.

 I just have to keep praying and praying that things will all work out, i prayed if Heavenly Father would lead i would follow, life it not meant to be easy, i just have to keep the faith and lean on Heavenly Father.

I have been trying to stay busy to keep my mind from worrying so much, i refinished several pieces of furniture that i have and i am excited to show you what i have been up to!


Here is an awesome etsy store that i love called City Chic Country Mouse ( i love their ironing board pad and covers! I have had a polka dot one for couple of years and i purchased this beauty this moring. I love their slogan "Dishes, Laundry, Ironing...It can be fun!"

Ironing Board Cover - Sugar Hill -  Falling Roses
Image from City Chic Country Mouse


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