Thrift Store Furniture Re-Do

My new sander :)

I have had a couple of peices of thrift store furniture i have been waiting to do something with. With my trusty new sander i have been working on several peices.

This end table/night stand used to be a horrid shade of yellow. I sanded, painted her gray, then went back over with the white gesso and wiped back the gesso as i went. i might go back and put another coat of guesso over it. i was please with how she turned out.

The origional horrid shade of yellow

This bookshelf someone had made from scrap peices, it was very shabby chic when i bought it at Goodwill, i used the same antiquing finish and have been using it for my craft supplies.

This was another Goodwill find that was a very cheap looking faux stone that was cream colored. i used the same antiquing technique and this so far and the mirror from my last post are my favorite peices. This will look gorgeous over my bed.

I never did wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone had a great one!


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