Heirloom Quilt

I tend to love anything that looks like it would have came out of an old farm house.
Two of my greatest finds are two beautiful quilts i found in a garbage bag in my Granny Johnson's shed after she past away. I can't remember my Granny "J" ever sewing or crafting, i think they were made by her Mother or her Grand Mother who lived to be 104.
The one on my bed (in the picture above) only the top portion was completed. My Step Mom backed and finished the quilt for me.

They are both heirlooms i plan to hand to my future children. I love the color combinations of all the squares. Just imagine how many hours of sewing it too to put the top together SEWN BY HAND! some of the squares were so delicate my Step Mom had to repair and re-in force, it's not perfect but i think that only adds to the beauty.
Several pillow i made out of vintage fabrics my Aunt Carolyn gave me that was her Mother-in-Law's

 My Aunt Edie found these gorgeous crocheted pillow cases for me at an Antique Shop.
I have been on the look out for an old iron bed, i just haven't found one that i can afford yet.
I love this gorgeous reproduction (in white) from The American Iron Bed Company


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