Happy Halloween!

I decorated my little area at work today and wore my witch costume. With the snow it was pretty dead all day, so atleast my co-workers had lots of candy! and i created a Pandora Halloween Party station, i mean you can't have halloween with out the Monster Mash!

Kaitlyn as an orgainc strawberry

I thought i made a good witch :) i could not find my Halloween apron from last year so i took and old Halloween skirt that is too small and sewed on ties to make a new one quck.

The witch shoes are one of my favorite finds ever! they are mutch brighter and glittery in the picture. and i acutally bought them for like $2.00 each at Roses like 5 years ago.

Witches from the Dollar Tree

My little window area. I made the Halloween sign out of left over scrap book paper.

Wishing all a very Happy and Safe Halloween!


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