Encouraging anybody who can......

to fill atleast one shoe box for Samaritans Purse annual Operation Christmas Child.  I bought my shoe boxes (Plastic containers) from the Dollar Tree and everything in them. (see below for suggested items to fill your box with) It costs about $20.00  or less to fill up the box plus an addittioanl, optional , $7.00 to cover the shipping costs. Giving is the true meaning of Christmas! it warms my heart that these two boxes will touch the hearts of children halfway around the world and spread the gospel of jesus christ and his love for them. Your box will go to a child that will be greatful to receive things  as simple as toothpaste, wash cloths, and soap.

For more information on packing boxes, drop off locations, children who will recive your box, etc, please visit http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/Pack_A_Shoe_Box/
A list of items to fill your box with. I bought everything in my two box's from the Dollar Tree
 I was thinking for next year i could set myself a goal of say 10 boxes and every month purchase several items for them and by the end of the year i could have the boxes full!


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