Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Today turned out to be a very lovely day...your typical American Thanksgiving!

Granny trying to get the bag of "parts" out of the turkey. And i never new until this year that she made the gravy out of the  stock from turkey neck.

I ended up making the desserts: Tiramisu, Coconut Pie, and two types of pumpkin pie (one traditional)

This is the cookbook that my Granny taught herself how to make her first turkey and dressing (some people might call it stuffing) the date in it say 1952!.

Granny basting the turkey.

My sweet Gran! cooking in her leopard print pajamas!

Happy Thanksgiving banner i made.

Granny says "no more pictures!"

Flowers i arranged. I know they are not traditional fall colors, but i thought these were much prettier!.

Something new this year. our thankful tree. to make it i just clipped some branches from a tree in the front yard, arranged in large vase, and i already had the paper leaves i bought from Big Lots several years ago, i hole punched the leaves and and made hangers out of  left over black ribbon.

The results of Granny's sweet cooking!

The table

What are you thankful for?


  1. Your Granny is a delight! I can just smell that wonderful turkey and dressing. She is a cutie.

    My Grandmama went to heaven last year and I miss her so much. Enjoy your Granny and hug her often! Learn all you can from her too.

    Blessings and Happy (late) Thanksgiving!


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