New Winter Coat....

I will first start by saying that over the past five years i have had some health problems and have gained quite a bit of weight (a co-worker told me one time i had "packed on the pounds") i have a closet full of winter coats that no longer fit. Every winter comes around and i go with out a nice coat saying oh i will loose weight and my old one(s) will fit again!! today i sucked it up came home and ordered a coat (and some new boots to match ;) ) My friend went to Seattle to visit family for Christmas. When she is out of town i usually stay at her house to house sit and watch her cats. To make a long story short, we live in the Mountains, i was unable to make it over to her house yesterday because we got a pretty bad winter storm with snow and ice. Today i stopped by to feed her cats, every house around, except hers (just my luck), the snow had pretty much melted away by mid day. she lives basically on the side of a mountain and her driveway is a beast, picture me no coat, no gloves, regular shoes trying to make up this hill. I ended up crawling up the steepest part (remember no gloves) finally i made it, victory! i finally got to feed the poor cats and slid all the way back down on my bottom and crawled back down to my car. I pray the neighbors did not see this, if they did i am sure they were rolling in the floor laughing. I was soaked from head to toe, it took what seemed like an hour for the feeling to come back in my hands and...........i still had to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. This go's back to learning to accept myself as a larger person and to love me for who i am and not what other people think i should look like. I ended up with a nice winter coat, not necessarily the pretty kind you would also wear to church, but an actual winter coat to wear in the sleet, snow, and ice and i even bought new boots gloves and a scarf  to match. I laid out my old ones from the wardrobe to take over to the homeless shelter in Boone.

For those of you, like me!, that are a little bit more on the larger size Land's End has some great plus size options, they're clothes fit me well and seem to also wash up great. Select styles are up to 70% percent off right now.

My new boots!

My new coat! except i ordered mine in black.


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