New Year's Eve/Day 2012

I stayed at home last night with Granny and my cats. I know i lead a small life, small but valuable! i made yummy cup cakes with some adorable new cup cake liners i picked up at TJ MAXX. Two Elder Missionaries stopped by from church for an unexpected, but pleasant visit (Hope they liked the beans and cornbread?) . Me and Granny watched Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve (It's just not the same with Ryan Sechrest instead of Dick Clark :( ) then we opened a bottle of non-alcoholic cranberry sparkle (Yea we were living on the edge) to ring in 2013.
2012 was not the greatest year for me, at midnight i had a huge sigh of relief 2012 was over!

This morning Me and Granny wrote our wishes for 2013, tied them to balloons, and away they went!

Today was one of those days i turned the clock around and i have been in my pajamas all day.
So far i have watched You've Got Mail, The Shop Around the Corner, and It Happened on 5th Avenue, i am thinking Christmas in Connecticut next.
Even though i waited in line at Wal-Mart for 30 minutes to pay for 2 items, that was ok because the Valentines magazines are starting to stock the shelves :)
Best wishes to everybody in the New Year!!!


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