A few new items for my future baby stash box......

I am single so it will be a very long time before any of these items will be in use (hopefully not too long :) ) but whenever i find a sweet vintage baby item i would like to decorate a future nursery with  i just can't seem to pass them up.
This week i found several sweet things to add to my vintage baby stash box.
I actually have several of these baby planters, but this one is my favorite so far :)

Sweet little shoes!

This one is my very favorite. I saw it hanging in a thrift shop window. It was un-priced so the lady gave it to me for $1.00!

I always thought it would be sweet to string up a clothes line of vintage baby clothes in a nursery.

I almost feel a bit stupid having the box. I better not mention it on a date right? I have had this box for years and maybe add a few pieces a year. The sad things is most of my friends/cousins are having babies.....and i am still very much single :( But  you always have to hope for the future!
I have always thought i would want to adopt a baby someday. This book The Chosen Baby is on my wish list for the stash box, but vintage copies are very expensive.


  1. Those things are adorable. I've never hear of that book I will have to look it up. My pediatrician got tired of waiting for mr. right and around age 4o adopted a little girlie baby from China. Wouldn't you know it, mr. right came along about two or three years after that!

    I think it is a beautiful thing that you care enough to collect baby things for your future children. How sweet. I know when the time comes, with this much care put into the future of your child, you will make a wonderful mother. Just keep waiting for the one for you.

    Big hugs!


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