A little milk glass adventure....

 My Aunt had given me four little milk glass fruit dishes for my Birthday last year (see below) I just happened to find the large matching bowl in an antique shop window. I went in purchased the bowl, but when i got home written on the sticker it said 5 piece set, meaning somewhere in the store was probably the little matching bowls that i already had. The next day i went back into the shop to inquire about the little bowls. Even though i already have them i thought well if it came with them and i paid for them i would like to have them. The proprietress of this store is rather rude, instead of taking my number and contacting the owner of boothe number 48 she tells me i will have to search the store for them myself, i mean this place was an old department store so it's HUGE! 3 floors of antique heaven! I did not end up finding the little bowls, but....... i did find these GORGEOUS canisters and surprisingly they were quite inexpensive! I have never seen anything quite like them so they were a nice surprise and made up for the little bowls and rude store proprietress.

A view from all sides.

The four little bowls my aunt gave me for my Birthday.

These are simply Gorgeous! the detail on them reminds me of a rose.

My new matching large bowl.

The set!
Oh! yet another find this week! this lovely set of Fire King mixing bowls.

A post last year on why i love milk glass so much!


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