Valentines Office Decor.......

Halloween and Valentines are my favorite holidays! Although i never seem to have a Valentine on Valentines Day :( i still love what the day represents.
Most of my immediate co-workers are male, so they don't quite get my "fru-fru-ness" but...they sure do love the candy that comes with my holiday decorations :)
 For me just to see people look at one of the old photos and smile or take a piece of candy that makes my day!

Empty candy bowls

Ribbon and bows makes everything better :)

I bought these old love letters from Etsy, but i never actually read them. Boy was it a surprise to find out the man writing them is a married minister cheating on his wife! we have had lots of laughs picking one per day to read. I keep getting asked "Are these your relatives" then i have to explain "No! i just collect old photos" which either follows that it's cool or weird.

A few of my collection of old wedding photos.

A few pieces of my milk glass for candy bowls. I re-stocked these 3 times last week!

I just noticed the frame has gotten dirty-please excuse! this is one of my favorite photos and i love the old table marker i bought from etsy.

I bought these re-production Valentines last year to make a wreath and ended up hot-gluing them to ribbon instead.


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