I love magazines..........

especially holiday issues! Thrift stores are awesome places to find magazines for usually around 10 cents to 50 cents each. Halloween/Fall issues are always my favorites....but i just could not afford but one last year-my coveted Martha Stewart Halloween issue. I was way excited when i found this lot at Rams Rack in Boone for 10 cents each! plus i left two at work!-no vintage Martha's today though :(

Speaking of magazines i was broken hearted today when i read that American Girl was retiring their historical doll collection :( My favorite American Girl doll, Molly,  i still have her and all of her books. Those dolls and books are what started my love of history has a child. I would spend hours looking at the American Girl catalogs dreaming about life in the 1940's! My first pair of glasses were round with silver frames, just like Molly's!! I would beg my Mom to take me to antiques stores and an old lunch counter in town that reminded me of the one Molly had in her town. In high school I took every history class I could! in college I wrote all of my research papers on subjects from the 1940's. These dolls and books were important and made a huge impact on my life as a child and shaped who i am and my interests as an adult. Just last month i got out the books and re-read them. I hope American Girl will realize the importance of the historical dolls and bring them back!!


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