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I found out last week that my gallbladder is only functioning 23%. I went to visit the surgeon today. I basically have cried all day long :(  It's not the surgery part it's the coming up with my $1,500. insurance deductible. It's the first big medical expense i have ever had and on my salary $1,500.00 is HUGE. I cried because i know it will take me at least 15 months to save up $1,500.00 and i will have to be in pain for 15 more months :( and well it just made me miss my Mom, oh how i so wish she were still here.

I always tell people if you have great parents make sure you tell them and show them how much you appreciate them because you never know when it may be too late.

The doctors office was actually rather rude. They basically came in the room and said the test you had last week says you need your gallbladder out! then she proceeds to tell me i am available any day but tomorrow, when would you like to schedule the surgery? my reply "how much is this going to cost?" her reply "oh i guess we do need to discuss that!" i just thought i had paid more towards my insurance deductible than i had. My monthly prescriptions already run about $150.00 a month so any extra i could save for medical stuff go's towards those.

They said i could make payments for the surgeons services. But my deductible has to be met first before anything. Then they went through the "can't you just ask your parents to borrow the money?" "No i don't have parents to ask" I felt like they thought i was just wasting their time. Here i was sobbing and they ushered me out the door as fast as they could once they realized i could not pay the $1500.00 any time soon. Then i had to go back to work and when my boss and co-workers ask so when is the surgery i felt so embarassed telling them I don't have the money so it will be quite a long while becuase they know how sick i have been.

I read an article that 78% of Americans went without medical treatment last year, even if they had insurance. Now i know why. I thought we were supposed to have some sort of healthcare reform? Yet every year my co-pays and prescriptions go's up and the insurance company will not even cover services they covered two years ago. I just feel bad for people that are uninsured at least i do have insurance. I still do not understand the Obamacare thing...because if people can't afford food then how the heck are the un-insured going to pay for an insurance policy?

The United States desperately needs a national healthcare plan like in Canada and Great Britain.

I hate to get all political on my blog and will now step off my soapbox!


  1. I am sorry that you are so ill. It is terrible to think that you must wait 15 months. Maybe there is a way to get the money right now. Join a Credit Union, they really help members in need...maybe a loan that you can make payments on. Do you have somethings to sell? Go online and look...maybe your church will help. Just don't give up, let those people around you know of your need...they might have ideas.

  2. This is so sad! I am sorry that you are having this problem with insurance. I hate that! We are paying off our pediatrician for when the children were all sick back in Dec of last year and we took them (over 800.00 because of our stupid deductible!!). It is so stupid that this happens in this day and age!

    Sorry about the use of the word stupid...anyways.

    Have you done a gallbladder cleanse?
    Have you searched out natural things to do with it?
    I am sorry you are in pain!
    Hugs...and blessings.


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