Campus Tour

This morning I toured Montreat College! It is a very small Christian College near Asheville, North Carolina. I will sum up the campus as magical. I just applied so i have no idea if i will be accepted or if i do get accepted how i am going to pay for it yet. I was terrible disappointed when my plans to attend Belmont Abbey College did not work out, but God has a plan for us and i guess that was just not meant to be.

I immediately felt like i was meant to be there! When my tour guide introduced herself she gave me a bear hug and said we hug around here!! A lot of the students and staff are out for the summer but EVERYBODY i met today faculty and students were so welcoming and friendly. I am a bit older than the traditional student, 26, but my tour guide today is 41 and said she did not go back to school until she was 38! she is starting back in the fall to get her Masters in Christian Counseling. Her  testimony was very uplifting for me and i feel if she can do i can too! I felt i was meant to meet her for a reason! I forget my camera :( but they even put my name on a little welcome sign as you come in the admissions building.

I think it will be so good for me to be able to spend time in a Christ centered environment where others share my beliefs, moral standards, passions, and interests.

It will be scary leaving my job of five years to start a new adventure but i am ready. I feel like i am just existing not really living. I feel like God as a greater purpose for my life i just just trying to figure out just what that is. I have not been accepted or rejected yet and Montreat may or may not be in that plan i will just have to keep praying about it! and i will eventually find out :)

I am thinking my tour guide told me twice a week all students meet for a service in the beautiful chapel in Gaither Hall. I think a wedding is pictured in the photo!


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