Much needed time off from work.....

Does anybody else take vacation days to just stay home? I try to do this for a couple of days at least twice a year. These past couple of days have been so nice! I have been able to sleep in, do a bit of reading, shopping, and Granny has been showing me how to do a bit of gardening.

My sweet elderly cat Muffin

Yes this is my 91 year old Granny! She is stubborn and insisted on doing this herself!

My newly planted rose bushes :) At some point i would like to plant roses all along the fence.

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I love to watch new things blooming in the yard each day.


  1. Yes, other people do this...I do. When my hubby is gone for a week on a hunting trip and I take time off. I vacation at home. I do just what I want, sleep in, eat out, read books, nap, do my nails, and maybe take a day trip to some or a favorite spot. Enjoy yourself because you deserve the time.


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