Happy Father's Day Granny!

My parents got divorced when i was three. I have one memory of my parents living together; they were in a massive fight and throwing things at each other and my mom who had heart problems had some sort of attack and the ambulance had to come get her and i can remember my uncle holding me in the kitchen and the floor was covered in water and popcorn from a vase that had hit the cabinet and landed on a bowl of popcorn.

I am 27 and might have seen my Dad 25-30 times since i was 3 years old, although i live with his mother. My Dad even told me once that he left me and my sister for my Grandparents to raise and he was not expecting my Grandpa, his Dad, to die so young.

Today I wished my sweet Granny a Happy Father's day! My Granny has always been the one constant and closest person to me having to be both Mother and Father. She has always been the one to make sure we were told we were loved and how to love, she made sure we had a warm winter coat, shoes, and any other basic need. She has taught me so many things and i am forever grateful to be her grandchild and grateful to god for giving me such a wonderful loving person to be my Grandmother. She is a great example of a Proverbs 31 Woman. Once my mom spent the money i had made selling candy bars for a school trip to the Outer Banks in the Fourth Grade. I remember be so embarrassed trying to explain to the teachers why i did not have the money to turn in. Somehow at the last minute my Gran  found out about it and had to pay the money back to school, she payed the difference for my trip, and make sure i had everything i needed to be able to go. But she did it not because she had to, but because she wanted to and i never once heard her condemn my Mother for her faults. That is just the type of person my Gran is. My happiest child hood memories are of being with her here at the little house.

The biggest thing i look for in a potential husband is would he be a great Father? They always say you want what you can't have and more than anyting i want a family of my own.  When i was little i would dream about what my family would be be like when i was an adult. I have always loved magazines from childhood and someone recently pointed out that magazines tend to show a more idealized version of families so i guess that's why i have always loved them so much. I have had to learn from magazines what a family should be like. I want what so many people take for granted everyday. My hope is that people who do have a great Father or Father figure appreciates that person and tells them how much they love and appreciate them becuse a great Father is something really special to have.

Oh! My Sweet Gran!


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