Perfect Day.......

I have not been feeling very well at all lately :( the good news is my deductible has now been met from the tests i had ran. I am meeting with a different surgeon on June 17th. I never thought i would say i am looking forward to having surgery, but i am ready to get my gallbladder removed!! I need relief; at this point i just feel bad allover. Hopefully we can go ahead and schedule the surgery sometime after the 17th. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Today was one of those breathtakingly beautiful days. Glorious sunshine, the temperature just right, and a cool breeze rustling the leaves. Since i am not feeling well i decided to stay home. I spread out my favorite picnic quilt and used this beautiful day to read over bible school lessons i am helping my aunt with this year. Call me boring but some of my most memorable. happy, favorite days are are  days like today with a picnic blanket and a good book!
If you like contemporary christian music tonight is the first annual K LOVE fan awards! You can tune in  HERE. K LOVE is my favorite radio station! I stream K LOVE online from my computer at work and it's definitely inspirational music all day long that has helped me get through a few very tough days at work.
Our house burned down when i was in the 6th grade. This quilt was a donation from a local church. It has alwas been special to me.

Reading over Bible School Lessons and a couple of vintage Martha's.

My favorite leisure day buddy Miss Muffin


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