Romance, in a dress.

I admit i am a royal wedding watcher! I watched all of Princess Madeline of Sweden's wedding on Saturday on Swedish TV. Luckily her groom speaks English so quite a bit of the ceremony was in English. Out of the recent string of royal wedding around the world I think hers is my favorite. Grazia Daily summed it up "Romance, in a dress"  although allot of people's comments hated the flounce at the bottom as old fashioned or her train as giant white bed, i loved it! and hey if you just happen to be a real princess, access to a royal jewel vault, your own diamond tiara, and a gilded cathedral to marry in, why not not go big!

Body language says allot. Even in Swedish just by their body language you could tell how in love the couple are. I cried through whole thing!

I have noticed all of the royal brides seem to carry white bouquets. I wondered is this is a more European thing to carry an all white bouquet? It looked like pale pink peonies decorating the church and i thought those would have made a lovely bouquet and the pale pink would have been so lovely with her romantic dress.

Did anybody else watch the wedding? What do you think of her dress?

Image from Grazia Daily

Image from Grazia Daily
The article i read in Grazia Daily.


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