The 4th of July 2013

Happy Independence Day! A few days late!
The 4th of July is one of my favorite Holiday's, but this year it just did not feel like the special day. We are so blessed to be Americans! and I usually love preparing for our annual cook-out, but I am still recovering from my gallbladder surgery so I just did not have the time or the energy to put into it :( also, it poured the rain almost all day so we had to have the cook-out indoors, we did get a quick break in the rain to grill out the hot dogs and hamburgers. My Granny's brother, Uncle Jim, usually comes every year to spend the 4th with us but due to his advanced age and health problems he was unable to come :(
Knock on wood I am feeling so much better since my surgery! I am still on the recovery road, but coming along! I have a bit more pep in my step and am looking forward to next year! and Halloween will be around the corner before we know it!
A few Pictures:

My beautiful Aunt Carolyn

I was quite proud of my fruit pizza

I did feel like arranging some flowers

More flowers

We had to move the cook-out inside:( but everything still came together.

Uncle Jay

Uncle Ed

2011 4th of July (I had to work last year)

Tutorial for a simple 4th of July wreath:


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