History Buff

I am guilty of spending hours watching documentaries on You Tube and spending my Saturday morning's watching travel shows on PBS Explorer channel. I love history especially European history. I also love to watch House Hunters International on HGTV, but my pet peeve is when these people have the opportunity to relocate to some really amazing place in the world and they complain over not having American amenities (not all of us in America think bigger is better!) a second bathroom or a dishwasher is not a need people!! My dream has always been to live some where in Great Britain or Germany (My ancestors are mostly German, Dutch, and Native American, but i am sure there is somebody from England or Ireland in there somewhere!) even if it's just for a short while (I am saving my nickles as Granny says for a visit!) If i ever had the opportunity to live there who cares about the place i am staying i would be out exploring and soaking up all of that history! It's one thing to read about places to to actually get to see it in person and feel the energy would be amazing!

I came across this hauntingly beautiful video from the Edwardian era i wanted to share. Allot of people think old stuff is creepy but something has always drawn me to old stuff. Maybe i was born in the wrong era? whatever the case i used to beg my Mom to take me to antique stores to look around when i was little and when i would see my Dad in Raleigh for a summer visit i always had to go to the museums, everything in them just fascinated me. I can't explain it! there is just something so beautiful about the past.


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