A girl can dream?

Oh! i get so tired of hearing are you married? when i reply no, the next questions is always well are you engaged then? (as they look towards my ring finger) then the next question is always inevitably well how old are you?
I am starting to wonder when is going to be my turn. It has been a long time since i have been on a date, like years!
My Granny was married after my Gramps returned from World War II. They married at the court house in Pikeville Kentucky and she wore a green suit with a fur collar and alligator high heels. Oh! if i had a picture i would treasure it forever!
It's not about a fancy ring, dress, or flowers.....those are all just material things....
Every night i pray and ask God that the person he has hopefully already picked out for me had a wonderful day and i hope he brings us together soon.....and then i have to remember everything happens in his perfect time and continue to practice patience!
Since it's raining today (again!! summer seems to have been rained away this year) i was browsing through picture folders i had saved on my computer and found these Edwardian Era wedding inspirations.
A girl can dream can't she?
This is the only image i can remember where is cane from. I think you can still buy this reproduction ring from Victorian Trading Company.

For $2,100 this dress can be yours! http://www.vintagetextile.com/edwardian.htm

The description: What could be more romantic than bare shoulders with just a hint of delicate lace cover?

Romantic Edwardian Era hair.

Oh! Pink roses how they speak to me! even tied with a beautiful pink ribbon.


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