Yet more vintage baby items.......

 Out antique shopping i recently found a lovely bag of vintage baby items buried under bags of old table cloths.
Do you ever wonder the story behind old things? I love imaging a young mother to be hand making these items for her soon to be baby or perhaps they were gifts from a baby shower?
Several pieces have a few stains so i will have to do a bit of soaking/stain removal. Then i will pack them away to the stash box. Oh! hopefully someday i will be able to pull them out to decorate a nursery!
My stash box would also make a lovely vintage baby theme for a shower! Speaking of vintage baby items this web shop has beautiful vintage inspired baby items, and the sweetest vintage inspired invitations for birthday parties and baby showers. I kind of stole ideas from her website for my sisters baby shower several years ago:)
It makes me sad that someones mother probably kept these for years and they were most likely sold at an estates sale :(
I think this was meant to be a pillow. Isn't the sweet cat embroidery beautiful?

The would be lovely to hang on a nursery wall

I love the little bunnies!

A hand made bib with a bunny.

I might somehow re-purpose this old pillow case. The litte dog is so cute!


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