My Mother's Christmas Tree Angel

My Mom passed away in 2004. Most of her belongings were either taken by my older Sister, packed up and taken into storage at my Aunt's house or given to my Mom's boyfriend. After living away for college for 2 years i moved in here to the little house with Granny  As i have needed them i have taken things of Mom's out of storage, but for years i have been searching for her Christmas Tree Angel. I had given up and feared that it was left underneath the TV cabinet and Mom's boyfriend had ended up with her. UNTIL a few weeks ago me and Granny went out to my storage unit and there i found her buried down at the bottom of another box! i was so relieved! There she was still in great condition as beautiful as ever in the original box she came in. Seriously i cried. You see my Mom was always very sick, but my fondest memories of her were at Christmas. Nobody could decorate a tree or wrap packages as beautiful as my Mom. I am very blessed to have inherited all of her beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations. Hopefully someday i will be able to share them and pass them down to children of my own.
Considering she is older than i am. I think she is as beautiful as ever :)



 We have slowly been trying to decorate the house all week and i still do not have the tree completely decorated! there is so much left to do!


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