I spied these snowflakes at Dollar Tree and thought hmmm those would look pretty above the kitchen sink.  An hour later after losing Two in the dirty dish water, Eight thumb tacks, and lots of fishing line later, finally success!

Granny even modeled her Christmas apron in front of them for me!
Granny is currently opening up Christmas cards and then coming in my room after everyone to show me the enclosed photographs and i am trying to sound excited about updates and photographs of people and distant relatives i have never met! "Look at her sweet Puppy Dog!" "oh! my! how Hanna Marie has grown!" Granny is so sweet and caring! It's the little things like that, that makes her her!
I really want a mantle, even a faux one would do, but for now i have to do with the television cabinet. I bought that wreath for $1.00 or less at a church rummage sell :) That is me on Santa's lap in the very far right photo and my Sister in the very far left photo.

These Christmas card holders were my Mom's and are older than i am :)

I can still remember when this was taken. Every year we used to go Christmas shopping at the Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem. It was sweltering hot in the mall and i was burning up in that outfit! For Christmas that year i remember getting a my buddy doll with blond hair and pink stripped overalls and a Fischer Price doll house and it came with a red minivan. Isn't it funny how we can remember the small details?
I still do not have the tree completely decorated. But I have decided that it  is ok! I plan on taking my time and enjoying the season!


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