Just A Few Facts

 Granny and her Sister Boots in the early 1940's
Granny's Sister "Boots" is on the left and Granny is on the right. Granny's name is Levia Leona (pronounced Lee-vee-ah). I really hope i have a girl someday because that is what she will be named :)
"Boots" was a nurse during WWII. "Boots" and Granny's other Sister Nida used to ship anything from powdered milk to clothes for Granny in the mail if they thought she needed something. "Boots" and Nida passed away 6 months apart from each other in 2007, that was a very difficult time for Granny. Granny spent almost a year in Alabama helping take care of Boots when i was in high school. That was a very long year for me! Granny never learned to drive a car, altogether i love to hear her stores of riding the train. Granny met my Gramps at a funeral and their first date was at church. Granny was married in a green suit and the collar was real fur and she had matching alligator heels and purse. Granny has never had a public job, she is a true homemaker or as she likes to put it "taking care of people is my job" Granny makes delish Mickey Mouse and Bunny shaped pancakes. Granny is really funny! for example we are watching TV and a commercial for say skittle's come on she would say i got to skittle whittle my way on into the kitchen and get my work done. And if she wants to buy something she always says "how may nickels does it cost?" She really is the cutest :)
My Gramps

(Photo Montage Courtesy of my Cousin Heather)
This is my Gramps. Wasn't he a handsome catch? He used to clean the house for Granny on Saturdays :) He passed away when i was 4. He was very sick before he passed away and i can remember me and Granny used to sleep on a little cot beside of his hospital bed. Granny still sleeps with a little album of pictures and one of his handkerchiefs under her pillow at night :> He was a major Redskins fan. He never would take Granny to the beach because he said he "had a enough damn sand in his boots" when he fought in the Pacific during WWII. He loved Redman chewing tobacco. He always made sure veterans graves were taken care of, my Dad told me they would even hike up on the mountain to maintain Civil War graves. We miss him lots.


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