Two Extra Hours

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been able to transfer jobs closer to home. I have been able to enjoy so many things i forgot i loved! Those two extra hours a day really do make a HUGE difference.
I feel so blessed, happy, and healthier!
Winter Walks in the Lansing Park :)
Our sweet little park follows a path where the Virginia Creeper train used to run. I love to hear Granny's train stories from the days when she used to take the train from West Virgina (where she is from) to Lansing to visit my Grandpa before they were married :)

Remnants from railroad tracks.

A beautiful mural of "our town"

Sadly the train station was torn down and our local fire department was built where it once stood. Across from the train is the local Presbyterian church where my Grandparents went to church and our local grocery store which is still in business.

The spot of our one and only stop sign. The gray buildings are now a pizza shop and a beauty salon.

The beautiful stone church in the mural above. I love hearing my Granny talk about the days when you actually wore a hat and gloves to church :)
Yoga :)
I love these videos on YouTube from Yoga with Adrienne.
These two are my favorites:


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